Technical Service

In Turkey, since 2003, RDS, who has been providing technical services for dialysis, ambulance, overhead lights and siren systems industry, provides first-class services to its customers with the support of original spare parts and the best equipment which technology provides.
RDS, who is well known in the industry with its 11 years of experience, operates repairments of dialysis machines, water treatment systems, medical and technical equipment in the interior of ambulances, top lights and siren systems.
RDS who operates each year over five thousand repairments, with its increasing experience and providing high-quality service, aims to increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.  
With its high-quality service and making the customer satisfaction as its first priority RDS, in this sense, has all the necessary investment and knowledge. With flexible and sophisticated quality management system which is providing services suit to all manufacturers' procedures and with benefit creating targets, RDS fulfilled more than all requirements of the technical service job.
The most important resource of RDS is its employees. By closely following the requirements of the latest technology and customer service, our company is in the service with its more than fifteen experts employees. Within this constantly changing context, RDS is dedicated to produce practical and creative solutions.
Our mission:   90% Service in the same day.
Our Vision:  To be the leader in Service and Quality
Our core expertise is process management and customer-focused activities. We offer integrated services and specifically designed ideas for each customer. This feature makes us unique and it is the reason of our market success. 
• Quality management
• Spare parts management
• Progress Management
• Technical Support
• Training
• Mobile Service Management
With our vehicles that incorporates spare parts and all the necessary tools we are able to intervene to malfunction and your service transactions at the scene in the most appropriate way.
Brands that we give technical service:
• Gambro (Dialysis Machines and Water Systems)
• EMS (Emergency Mobile Systems Ambulance)
• ZER (Beacon lamp and Siren Systems)